There is a lot of hysteria and misinformation about COVID 19. The situation is fluid and contantly changing. We are following WHO and government guidelines regarding the practice of yoga at our studio. However we are taking the intititive and moving to online classes.

Yoga & Covid 19

In terms of activities that have close personal contact, yoga is unique in that distance and personal contact is dependent on class and whether adjusting is required.

In order to attend classes, you simply sign up online as normal and either join our online class or meet us at the park. If the weather does not permit a park class then the class will move online. 

Enmore Park Classes & Online Classes

We have taken the difficult decision to cease park classes until the environment is safer. This is a hard decision however, we feel that complete distancing is the best way to deal with this disease and get on top of it. We do not want any ambiguity in our messages and want to support the act of distancing within Australia and globally. 

Apologies for not updating the website earlier. This crisis is affecting everybody and we hope that everybody who is connected with us is coping. Please reach out if you have any issues. 

Studio Classes

As soon as we can we will be back in a studio environment and we are aiming to come back bigger and better! We anticipate that whilst there is no vaccine rolled out this may well be some time. In the meantime please practice online and then the park when conditions are relaxed.

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